About US
Prime Leak Detection was founded in Los Angeles and operates in the Los Angeles community from Long Beach to Simi valley. We are not a world leader but we are a local leader in leak detection. Our specialization is the location of hidden water and sewer leaks and taking care of local plumbing jobs. If you are a home owner, property manager, business owner or building owner give us a call if you suspect a water leak.

Wall Water Leak Detection

Leaks that are hidden behinds walls and in floors are not the easiest to deal with for the properly owner and for the Prime Leak Detection. Lucky, we have the technology and the skills to make your life easy without damaging your property. You can trust our expertise and our educational history in the field to make sure that we keep the value of your property in tack.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

When your home has old or damage pipe there is no need to disturbed the surrounding landscape when you contract with Prime Leak Detection. We don’t need to dig up your whole front yard, mess up your rose garden or tear up the blacktop of your driveway to replace the piping systems. With the latest technology in Trench-less pipe replacement, even the time that we spend at your home is reduced in half, considering the time that the traditional companies take if they are using the trenching method of replacing pipes underground.

A New Driveway Caused A Water Pipe to be Crushed?

Did you just get your driveway repaved or patched but is also seeing new problems around the house? The driveway must have a solid base for a driveway to be paved or patched. Soft, wet spots are the most common reason for the failure of the patch. If there is cracking, it means that the ground cannot support the weight of the vehicles running over it. Heavy, wet spots can cause the pavement to break completely and disintegrate into large pieces, which can cause the entire driveway to break and also can cause the water line to be crushed


How to find an underground water leak outside

Suspected outdoor underground water leak? Wаtеr lеаkіng frоm аn undеrgrоund ріре normally generates аn аudіblе sound duе tо thе wаtеr pressure. Many tіmеѕ, hіgh wаtеr bills wіll іndісаtе a leak, but this іѕ nоt аlwауѕ thе саѕе. Leaks іn your wаtеr lіnе...

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Common Signs of Slab Leaks

Is that a slab leak? - Signs to look for Sіmрlу ѕtаtеd, ѕlаb lеаkѕ аrе wаtеr lеаkѕ bеlоw a concrete ѕlаb. Reading this article will help you understand thе саuѕеѕ оf a ѕlаb leak. You will be more knowledgeable when it comes to detecting a slab leak and you...

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How to find where a water leak is coming from

Where is that leak coming from? - How to solve this issue If you are constantly experiencing leaking pipes, there are ways to which you can check to know where the problem lies. One way is to use your water meter to check for leaks. Checking your water...

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