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A New Driveway Caused A Water Pipe to be Crushed?

Did you just get your driveway repaved or patched but is also seeing new problems around the house? The driveway must have a solid base for a driveway to be paved or patched. Soft, wet spots are the most common reason for the failure of the patch. If there is cracking, it means that the ground cannot support the weight of the vehicles running over it. Heavy, wet spots can cause the pavement to break completely and disintegrate into large pieces, which can cause the entire driveway to break and also can cause the water line to be crushed.

The first thing you should do is to ensure that there are no wet spots, either by installing some soil stabilizing fabric materials below the sewers, along the edges, to remove surface water. Soil stabilizing fabric materials can be laid under stone foundation materials in wet areas to self-solidify the substrate layer. The material can allow the installation of a driveway. If the ground material is properly compacted, the soil will support a lot more weight without the displacement or movement when placed directly on the ground below the sub-base and above the wet area. Many home improvement stores will have soil stabilizing fabric materials. It will take two people to roll out and handle the cloth, as it usually comes in twelve-foot-wide rolls.



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Another option is to replace some of the wet soil with stone or other sub-base materials. Sub-base materials could be small and large stones, DOT-4 materials, crushed gravel, or bank-run-sand and gravel. The material must drain well and can be compacted with mechanical compactors. Drainpipes should be 12 inch corrugated pipes that, when installed, allow water to pass quickly under pipes, or smaller, four-inch perforated pipes below the stone-drilled access areas to provide consistent drainage pathways. Be sure to soak your soil because water will always take the path of least resistance, so any installed drainage pipe will help the soil to dry much faster than nature itself allows.

If your water pipe is crushed be sure to read Do you have a water leak?

Do you have groundwater leak? You may have thought that your basement is only damp and humid because of condensation or a problem with the pipes, but if your driveway was not properly placed or has not been replaced in a while, there might be a connection. Think about the last time you replaced your driveway, if you ever replaced it. If it's been a while, there might be a problem with your driveway. This article explains how properly replacing your driveway prevents the leakage of cellar water.


Before your new driveway is installed, the contractors usually lay a layer of stone before filling the asphalt. This stone layer is typically a type of crushed gravel. Over time, water and weather will break down this layer of stone and dirt down so the driveway will not feel the same as a new driveway. When rain, snow or other bad weather strikes down this layer of dirt and gravel, the driveway develops cracks and gets damaged. The water can run off your driveway and cause leakage problems in your home and in the basement. This can create a problem with moisture, mold and mildew in your home. Over time, this can even damage the wood of your home and your belongings.


So, what can you do to stop this damage or prevent it from happening? Replacing your driveway is the best option. Driveways need to be replaced and maintained like many other things in your home, or you can risk damage to other parts of your home or even injury. In some climates, they have to be replaced more often than others. If you decide to replace your driveway, it is important to find a company that you can trust. Explain what happened and ask them to look at your driveway to see if it is causing groundwater leak.  Most companies give you a free estimate so you can understand the situation and price of the work.


By replacing your driveway, you can stop water leakage and damage to your home and cellar. This can prevent the damage to the wood in your home and also your belongings. It is important to ask the company how often your driveway needs to be checked for replacement so that you can prevent water leakage from happening. By following the suggestions and advice in this article, you can stop further damage and keep your home and basement dry.





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Water Leak Detection

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