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Helpful Leak Detection Hints

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Prime Leak Detection is always looking for ways to help people who suspect issues with water leaks. People always ask “do i have a water leak? The best thing to do is to give us a call. But if you want to evaluate the issues first here are a few recommendations when you suspect a water leak:

Water Meter is Running When No Water is being Used?

The first thing you want to do is make sure all the water faucets and fixtures are fully and comply off. Check the pool’s auto fill feature and the ice maker, then go to the side of the house or building and check the water meter and see if it is still spinning. If the water meter is still spinning, then it is time to give Prime Leak Detection a call because you probably have a leak that needs to be addressed by a professional immediately before it gets out of hand.

Sound of Running Water when no Water is Being Used?

Sometime people call our office and they say, “we can hear water running for months now, but we don’t have anything on”. If you can hear a low hiss water sound don’t wait for months just give us a call immediately. This is a water leak, and not only are you paying for the water you are also damaging your home or building and may have to pay for mold clean up the longer the water has been sitting in the walls. So please just give us a call so we can stop the leak.

High Water Bill or Gradually Increasing Water Bill?

Sometimes a high-water bill can mean a water leak. A water leak can start out small then can turn into a costly headache when not addressed. In Los Angeles an average family will only use around 8-10 thousand gallons of water a month. If you have a sharp increase that is not explained by any actions of your family give us a call and we will be more than happy to look for leaks.

The House Has the Smell of Mold, Mildew or Sewer?

Sometimes you’re at home and you can really smell that something is not right. You smell mold or mildew that is not coming from outside, but it seems to be coming from the walls or stairs or attic and you are getting very concerned about the health of your family in your own home. If you do smell a bad order like this, you should be concerned. Please call us right away. Mold in the home is nothing to play around with and can cause many health-related issues. Especially issues with children and the elderly who have immune system that can be compromise more easily.

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