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Los Angeles is known around the world for movie stars, beautiful homes and shopping along rodeo drive. One of the many things that can go wrong behind the scenes of this beatify façade is water leaks. Home Leak Detection Service is a very important business in Los Angeles for those who know the importance of keeping water in the pipes and out of the walls where mold and mildew can form causing health problems, property damage and costing property owners small fortunes to cleanup. One small undetected leak can cause the loss of 80-90 million gallons of water per day. This water can start off as dripping water in the walls and turn into a gushing nightmare in just a matter of days or hours if a professional Home Leak Detection Service expert is not called to evaluate the situation. You must be diligent as a property manager to recognize the signs that a water leak evaluation might be prudent.

Water leaks in your walls (pipe leaks) or under your concrete slab (Underground leaks) will cause extensive damage to your home or office building, if the leak is not located and repaired immediately. The first step that we take is to look for signs of the leak. Some of the major signs that we look for is a soggy spot in the lawn, or a crack in the foundation of your basement, or a warm spot on the concrete on the floor of your warehouse. We use high tech equipment to trace the water flow from its source, to the leak. We also use cameras so that we can see the inside of the pipes before we go into any walls are flooring. Microphone amplifiers allow us to use sounds to identify with precision exactly where the leak is and we just break open walls or flooring in the sections that we must. This will spare you tons of money because we are not guessing where the leak is.There are many more reason why you should hire home leak detection service, this is just a few. Give Prime Leak Detection a call today.


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