Home Leak Detection Service

home leak detection services

Prime Leak Detection provides comprehensive home leak detection service in Downtown Los Angeles as well as all over Southern California.

  • We detect the source of the leak in your house.
  • Provide solutions to fix the problem on the same day.
  • Ensure no further damage occurs
  • Our methods are non-invasive, Hi-tech and accurate.

Our plumbers are professionals in dealing with any kind of leaking situation. We are capable of handling any size of disasters whether your property is a residential or a commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles .

It can be stressful to find the source of a leak that is causing damage to your property. Your central heating may be losing pressure, or your water bill came too high last month. You might notice a damp scent in your home or your walls are showing watermarks, or your wooden floor is warping. If you are experiencing any one of these situations and losing your sleep over it, then call Servpro today, and we will quickly fix the problem for you.

Water leaks if left unattended for a few hours can quickly turn into a nightmare and need to be dealt with in the first instance. That is why we offer 24/7 response, and our services are available all over down towm Los Angeles. Our professionals will come to your property on the same day and fix the problem.

Our leak detection specialist will use latest technological equipment to locate the leak quickly without using any invasive techniques. We use different tools for this job

  • Endoscopic cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Acoustic microphone
  • Gas tracing probe

Our specialist will find the leak whether it is in your property or the apartment above it and carry out all the necessary steps to get everything back to normal again. There are different kinds of pipes buried throughout your property; central heating pipes, basin pipes, toilet cistern overflows, hot/cold feed pipes and incoming pipes.

A water leak that remains unresolved can cause severe structural property damages. It is highly recommended to call an expert as soon as you spot visible signs of leaking to prevent any further damages to your property.

They showed up at our home and worked on the swimming pool. The crew was professional, skilled and handled everything and I needed not to worry about anything at all. Very much appreciate their servives

I am a satisfied customer. Great services and excellent job done. Highly recommend you.

Charles K.


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