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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Company

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Swimming Pool Leak Detection company


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We at Prime Leak Detection understand the stress of having a leak in your house and not knowing where it is coming from. A water leak can cause severe structural damage to your property over time and will require huge sums of money to restore it. That is why it is critical to call an expert as soon as you spot visible signs of leaking. We provide the best leak detection in woodland hills area.

Signs of a leak include watermarks on the walls, warping of wood floors, distinctive smell of dampness, central heating losing pressure and unexpectedly high water bill. You can also try noting the water meter reading and then go without using water for an hour. Then check the meter reading again to see if it has changed, it will become clear if you have water leaking somewhere.

It can take a while to find the exact location of a leak if you do not have the right equipment to assist you. Our leak detection experts will find the leak whether it is on your property, office, shop or the apartment above it. Time is of the essence as a small leak can quickly turn into a nightmare if not dealt with instantly. Prime Leak Detection understands how quickly water leaks can get out of hands and that is why we have quick-response teams who can get to your property within an hour and fix the problem for you.

Our leak detection team uses latest technological equipment to locate the leak without using any invasive techniques. We have different tools for this job such as endoscopic cameras, thermal imaging cameras, pressure testing, acoustic microphones, and gas tracing probes.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your property will not suffer from any further damage from experimental digging and probing. You won’t have to pay any unnecessary high restoration costs because our team is capable of detecting all kinds of leaks using the latest technological equipment. Moreover, hiring a professional will also help to save you from futile efforts of detecting leaks in your home not to mention the amount of valuable time you will save as well.

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