Common Plumbing Emergencies

There are many plumbing problems that can damage your house which can lead to a lot of stress, knowing about common plumbing emergencies can help you deal with them if you ever happen to face one.


  • Broken fixtures- A broken pipe or a faucet is a small issue but can become an annoyance if not fixed quickly. You do not need to call the plumber for something as minor as that. It can be easily fixed by replacing the faucet and pipe for a new one.


  • Clogged toilet- Toilets can become easily clogged with baby wipes, dental floss, paper towels or wrappers and can start to overflow. It can lead to unsanitary conditions and will need to be fixed quickly by a professional plumber. But you can turn off the main water supply by yourself before the plumber arrives to contain the situation.


  • Burst pipe- A frozen pipe is a common consequence of the cold weather, it can easily burst if the temperature falls further. The water inside the pipes may freeze due to chilly temperatures outside and put pressure on the pipe to expand, causing it to burst. If the temperature is constantly falling, then you can leave your faucets slightly open so that any pressure being build up in the pipes can escape from it.


  • Leaky washing machine- Your washing machine may be running fine one minute, but you might have a pool of water gathering around it the next. Washing machine emergencies are as common as broken faucets. Your appliance may start to leak because it has become clogged with mineral and detergent build-up over time. Or there is a problem with the main water pipe that is connected to the washing machine that needs tightening.  If there is a clog, you can use a snake drain to clear it up.

Whatever your plumbing emergency may be, the first step is to turn off the water supply, so the problem can be contained, and you do not have a flooding situation in your home. Always call for a professional plumber as soon as you notice water dripping from your pipes, faucets or appliances.