The word emergency can mean different things to different people. The same thing applies when that emergency involves a plumbing issue. Sure, it may not look like an emergency because the leak is behind the wall, but once you start to tear out the wall and discover the pool of water that has been sitting there for the last few months, it’s probably inching towards emergency territory. Here at Orange Plumbing Service we have seen our fair share of plumbing emergencies in and around Los Angeles. Some of them actually involve plumbing fixtures and water. That’s why we’ve put together this easy to follow guide on what you should consider a job for emergency plumbing.


Indoor Swimming Pool In The Basement


Hey, who wouldn’t want one of these? However, if the flooding in your basement was not planned, you could have an emergency on your hands. A flooded basement happens in one of many ways. None of them are pretty. They usually involve something that broke, leaked, burst or exploded. None of these words are inexpensive. Of course, we have seen a couple of flooded basements that were the result of a family feud and a well-aimed water hose that ran unattended over a holiday long weekend when the occupants were away from home. But that’s an exception. Still, we’d call that an emergency. Call us and possibly a counselor, preferably scheduled to arrive at two very different times.


That Drain In The Kitchen That’s All Gummed Up


Okay, first off, if your kitchen sink does not contain a garburator or some other form of food disposal system, do not pretend it does. Just because you can flush just about anything down the toilet to make it disappear does not mean you can do the same thing with the kitchen sink. The kitchen is where a lot of creating takes place. Often there’s food consumed in and around the kitchen. Usually it’s the room of choice for entertaining others. But when the drain gets clogged, jammed, stuffed tight or messed up real good, you need a professional to set things right. We would be those professionals.


Pipes That Have Frozen Up Tight


You were probably warned a couple of times. The heat tape that you should have wrapped around your pipes would have come in handy right about now, correct? Okay, we won’t rub it in. Stuff happens. It’s easy to forget to prepare the pipes for winter if you’re distracted by the annual Thanksgiving Day NFL football game. It’s just one of those traditions that can’t be ignored or delayed. However, your frozen pipes are telling you that maybe next time don’t bet on Detroit and get some chores done during halftime. With that being said, frozen pipes are no picnic. Lucky for you it’s one of those things we would consider an emergency and as a result we would take care of it for you. Call us if your pipes freeze.


Blow Outs, Flare Ups


Have you ever driven along a stretch of highway that runs alongside a farm and somewhere in the field of corn or hay you spot a water line that has blown out? Yeah, we usually chuckle to ourselves and say something about how glad we are not to have his water bill. Well, if your Los Angeles yard is pristine and well-manicured and suddenly the underground pipe pops out behind your work shed and starts to shower the neighborhood like a damaged fire hydrant, you could have an emergency on your hands. This kind of job requires an emergency plumber and probably a new place to store the barbecue grill. Call us, we’ll fix that pipe.


No Water When You Turn The Tap


This has happened a time or two in our lives. You’re minding your own business doing whatever it is you’re doing to try to get ahead and suddenly you go to get a drink of water and nothing happens. You turn the tap on, you turn the tap off. You turn the tap on, you turn the tap off. Still nothing. There used to be water coming out of there and now there isn’t. It’s one of those strange things that happens without warning. You can troubleshoot it all you want and then get us involved to help you troubleshoot it again. Then you realize that you had your water shut off for non-payment. Sorry, don’t call us on this one. It’s not an emergency we can help you with.


That Jammed Up Toilet In The Spare Room


Toilets are our Kryptonite. They are one of those mysterious things that can sometimes bring us great relief and other time frustrate the crap out of us. Okay, we were really not trying to set that line up but now that it’s out there…toilets are just plain nasty business from the get-go. Ask any contractor and they will tell you some real scary toilet stories that will keep you up at night and make you wish you still had an outhouse. Clogged toilets are even more of a treat. That is especially true if the source of a clog is anything but organic material. We get it. Sometimes you just want to flush a washcloth because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Sure. This would classify as an emergency. Go ahead and call us but spare us the details. We can come up with our own story and probably will. In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, just give us a call at Orange Plumbing Service. We’ll get you out of that jam and really, that’s all that matters.




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