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We all have the same plumbing issues!

We get it. Sometimes you don’t want to let on that the ‘what appeared to be an easy’ plumbing job in your home has somehow gotten out of hand. It’s rough on the ego of a do-it-yourselfer who can turn random objects into amazingly functional pieces of home décor. It would be enough to even impress MacGyver. The only difference is that there are times when you have to surrender to an expert. Plumbing tends to be one of those things that can go oh-so-wrong quickly. That’s why at Orange Plumbing Service we have put together this nifty little cheat sheet outlining reasons to call us instead of reaching for your Bat Utility Belt.


Leaks, Drips And Restricted Water Flow


These are three really good reasons to call us all bundled up into one really, really good reason. Persistent drips – and we’re talking those of the water kind not your crazy neighbor – are one of those things that will keep you up at night. Leaks that seem to disappear just when you start to hunt them down and taps that just don’t seem to spray quite like they used to are all strong reasons to pull out your Los Angeles phone book and look us up. We’re under “plumber near me” or “plumbing service near me.”

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Staining and Mineral Build-up


There’s no nice way to say this. The water staining you just noticed was there for a while before you spotted it. It’s not one of those things that just suddenly pops into view, like that peeping Tom neighbor of yours. If your water supply contains some funky minerals that aren’t in your multi-vitamin, you stand a good chance of staining in the shower, around fixtures and wherever else you let the water drip or run uncontrollably. That crusty build-up around the faucets and all over your shower head are signals you need to call us quickly.


 Smells Like Teen Spirit


You know that stench you pick up at the gym near the lockers? We’re talking about the one that burns your nose and causes your eyes to weep. Well, if you ever catch a whiff of something ten times worse than that coming from the drains of your sinks, tub or shower, you have a nasty situation on your hands. It’s technically referred to as a ‘flow inhibitor’ but to you and me it’s a clog. Don’t try to analyze the contents because chances are the clog is somewhere in the pipe that runs under your driveway and flower garden out to a mainline along your street. Call us for help.


The Big One


We hate to say it, but sooner or later your house is going to start to rattle and pictures are going to get knocked off the wall. Things will get shifted around the rooms of each floor of your home. If you are lucky, the roof will not disappear, and you’ll be able to still get a good night’s sleep. What you will have experienced is the kid next door testing his car stereo in the driveway next to your living room. That kind of tremor can register on the Richter scale and leave underground pipes in a mess. The rumbling alone will speed up erosion under the pipes by about 50 years. This can result in a blow out of the most unkind kind. Give us a call to fix that for you.



That Rattling Noise


Have you ever noticed that when you hear a sound that bothers you so much that you pick up the phone, it disappears? Yeah, we’ve experienced that as well. It’s got nothing to do with your imagination and everything to do with the age of your home. Pipes move around a little bit because they are usually just held in place with poorly placed clamps “here and there” and when you consider the volume of water and other juices that slosh through them, you can understand why they may rattle from time to time. It’s most annoying when you are showing your home to a prospective buyer, but that’s a different story. Call us to get rid of that rattle.


 Low Flushing Volume


Unless you purposely installed one of those low flush toilets, and who knows why you would even consider such a thing in Los Angeles, you could end up with some rather unpleasant surprises when the relatives come over for the weekend. If anything needs to work at optimum capacity, it’s the toilet or the series of toilets you have interconnected in your home. When there is barely enough water filling the tank to do its business, you have a problem. Plus, you’ll also pick up on the same issue when you attempt to take a shower. When the tap is slow, it’s got to go. Low water pressure is an issue that is best left for the experts at Orange Plumbing Service.

 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, Pliers


We admit that we are a lot like you. We don’t want to call for help unless we absolutely need it. However, when it comes to plumbing issues you can only eenie-meenie-miney-moe your way through so much of it before you start hearing that voice in your head telling you to stop, pick up the phone and dial our number. If you were paying attention the last time you called us to bail you out of a situation, you should have our number on speed dial. But if you don’t, remember look in your phone book. We’re easy to find under “plumber near me” or “plumbing service near me.” That’s Orange Plumbing Service. We service the Los Angeles area because there’s a lot of plumbing accidents and because we sort of live in the area and thought it would be nice to have a short commute to work. Well, that and we really like to help guys like you out.


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