At Prime Leak Detection we use the latest infrared camera water leak detection services technology to identify unseen leaks in your walls under your concrete slab,  a leak underground or in your pool.


How to find a Bathroom Leak?

Bathroom leaks are pretty common and are a great cause of concern for several households. What makes this problem peculiar is the fact that they may be pretty hard to detect. Moreover, if this leak occurs in a bathroom on the upper floor, it can cause a great deal of distress for the people living…

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Prime Leak Detection started in the leak detection business in 2015, it is our specialty. We are professionals in all area of leak detection and have a long history in the residential and commercial sectors in Los Angeles and Orange County


Super friendly and professional. Just what a lady property manager needs. They showed up right on time and took care of the job right on time. The best thing about them is all the equipment they bring. These guys don’t play around and they know what they are doing.


Charles W



Prime is the Best!!! Larry was Great!!! What I liked best was he explained everything and all the equipment that they bring to take care of the job. You really feel like your in good hands.. A repair I expected to cost thousands only cost me cost $500 I’m certain the equipment cost them $10,000. Thanks Prime


We got a leak in the backyard of a multi-rental unit that flooded the whole backyard. We called Prime because of the reviews and they got to the building within 15 min and had the problem neutralized within 30 min. what more can you ask for

Taylor W

  • Advanced Technology

  • 24/7 Operation

  • Minimal Property Damage

  • Fair Price.

Prime Leak Detection is dedicated to serving Los Angeles

Prime Leak Detection was founded in Los Angeles and operates in the Los Angeles community from Long Beach to Simi valley. We are not a world leader but we are a local Los Angeles leader in leak detection. Our specialization is the location of hidden water and sewer leaks and taking care of local plumbing jobs. If you are a home owner, property manager, business owner or building owner give us a call if you suspect a water leak.

Signs of a water leak include watermarks on the walls, warping of wood floors, the distinctive smell of dampness, central heating losing pressure, and unexpectedly high water bill. You can also try noting the water meter reading and then go without using water for an hour. Then check the meter reading again to see if it has changed, it will become clear if you have water leaking somewhere.


It can take a while to find the exact location of a leak if you do not have the right equipment to assist you. Our leak detection experts will find the leak with our infrared camera water leak detection services whether it is on your property, office, shop, or the apartment above it. Time is of the essence as a small leak can quickly turn into a nightmare if not dealt with instantly. Prime Leak Detection service providers understand how quickly a home water leak can get out of hand. That is why we have quick-response teams who can get to your property within an hour and locate the water leak.

Our leak detection service team uses the latest technological equipment to locate the leak without using any invasive techniques. We have different tools for this job such as endoscopic cameras, thermal imaging cameras, pressure testing, acoustic microphones, and gas tracing probes.


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You can have peace of mind knowing that your property will not suffer from any further damage from experimental digging and probing. You won’t have to pay any unnecessary high restoration costs because our team is capable of detecting all kinds of leaks using the latest technological equipment. Moreover, hiring a professional will also help to save you from futile efforts of detecting leaks in your home not to mention the amount of valuable time you will save as well.