Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

I am going to date myself here a little bit in 1987 when I was a kid. A great movie came out called Predator and exposed people to an alien technology called Thermal Imaging, which I now use for thermal imaging water leak detection. I was all excited about it because the alien could see everything living and breathing without Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other soldiers knowing. We are not using alien technology, but we can use thermal Imaging to find out what is going on before tearing down walls, ceilings, and flooring.


Evaluation of Possible Leak

Fixing Leak

Assessment of Structural Damage From Leak

After mold removal and remediation

Once mold removal work is completed in your house by a mold remediation company, we will evaluate the property once again to ensure that mold removal has been adequately completed. The areas where mold was discovered must be closed off from other areas of the house until we test and certify that all mandatory mold removal measures have been taken. This final evaluation includes the following steps:

  • Our professionals will visit the site once again to assess the property.
  • They will re-evaluate infested building areas for dampness
  • Air samples will be taken to ensure that the mold removal work was satisfactory
  • Finally, a clearance report will be given to you with details of our observations, lab results and relevant suggestions