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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Company

If your water bill came in too high or your central heating is losing pressure, if you have noticed watermarks on your walls or your wooden floor has started to warp than its time to call Prime Leak Detection. These are clear signs of a leak in your Brentwood property that may not be visible to you but has been causing structural damage to your home or commercial property.

Water leaks if not resolved instantly can turn into a nightmare and will require higher costs to restore your property. If you are unsure whether Prime Leak Detection has leak detection services near me, then we are happy to reveal that we have locations all over Southern California all across the United States. Our team of experts is always located nearby and can come in at any time of the day, throughout the week. We offer 24/7 services to all our customers who can either call us or send us an email.

Our leak detection specialists can find and fix all the following types of leaks

  • Mains water leaks
  • Central heating leaks
  • Buried Leaking pipes
  • Drain and waste leaks
  • Under the floor heating system leaks
  • Any kind of plumbing leaks

We provide comprehensive leak detection services which include:

  • Using hi-tech equipment to detect leaks.
  • Using only non-invasive techniques to protect your property from further damages.
  • Source of the leak is detected accurately and precisely.
  • 24/7 availability.

Whether the leak is in your property or the apartment above you, our specialists can quickly find the source of the leak and resolve the problem efficiently for you. It can be frustrating to find out the source of leak if you don’t have the right equipment that is why Prime Leak Detection uses the latest technology to find the leak quickly and save valuable time. We have thermal imaging cameras, acoustic microphones, pressure testing, gas tracing and moisture meters.

We understand the stress of having a leak in your house and not knowing where it is coming from. A water leak can cause severe structural damage to your property over time and will require huge sums of money to restore it. That is why it is imperative to call an expert as soon as you spot visible signs of leaking.